Turkey Travel Tips By Turkey Chalo

Turkey Chalo proudly presents best Turkey travel tips through a great article written by dear Ms. Shivya Nath .. Superb observations by an Indian native and so touching. Well done dear Shivya and It is a great pleasure reading your articles all the time.As Turkey Chalo we suggest her articles to everyone . In 2012, She travelled in Istanbul and northern Turkey for a month, and fell head over heals in love with the country! The Turkish countryside is full of surprises, the people are incredibly kind (especially towards Indians visiting Turkey) and Turkish culture is intriguingly different from the rest of the world.

Her little guide to travelling in Turkey will help you score your Turkey visa, pick up easy phrases in the Turkish language, and assure you that vegetarian Turkish food is easy to come by and delightful.

Based on her own experiences, here are ten tips to make your Turkey travel planning simpler:

10 Travel Tips For Your First Trip to Turkey.

  • Get a visa for Turkey (easy even with an Indian passport.
  • Choose your accommodation wisely.
  • Pick up some Turkish words.
  • Pack like you’d pack for Western Europe.
  • Revel in Turkish vegetarian food.
  • Estimate a budget and stick to it.
  • Beware of scams in Istanbul.
  • Use public transport across Turkey.
  • See Turkey beyond Istanbul.
  • Get to know the locals.